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Ge 121 abc: Advanced Field Geology

12 units (0-9-3); third term. Prerequisite: Ge 120 or equivalent, or instructor's permission. Field mapping and supporting laboratory studies in topical problems related to the geology of the southwestern U.S. Course provides a breadth of experience in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Offered by Lamb in alternating years.

Ge 125: Geomorphology

12 units (3-5-4); first term. A quantitative examination of landforms, runoff generation, river hydraulics, sediment transport, erosion and deposition, hillslope creep, landslides and debris flows, glacial processes, and submarine and Martian landscapes. Field and laboratory exercises are designed to facilitate quantitative measurements and analyses of geomorphic processes. Instructor: Lamb.

Ge 126: Topics in Earth Surface Processes

Topics in Earth Surface Processes. 6 units (2-0-4); second term. A seminar-style course focusing on a specific theme within geomorphology and sedimentology depending on student interest. Potential themes could include river response to climate change, bedrock erosion in tectonically active mountain belts, or delta evolution on Earth and Mars. The course will consist of student-led discussions centered on readings from peer-reviewed literature. Instructor: Lamb.